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Evening – Day two in Corvis

Today turned out to be quite an eventful and informative day in our quest to discover who or what is robbing the graves of local townsfolk. If you are reading this journal because something has happened to me and you need to find out what, it is Alexia that is behind this. She is not robbing the graves, though. She is practicing the necromantic arts and is raising the dead. Not just any dead, either. All of the corpses were part of the jury that convicted her mother of witchcraft and sentenced her to death nearly a decade ago. With that out of the way, let me dive deeper into the details of how we came across this information.

My group of companions and I met in the morning and discussed where to begin our investigation over a hot, morning meal. We agreed that we should check some of the grave sites for clues but understood that we were likely to find any since so much time has passes and the weather was wet and cold. We would also need to speak to the family members of the deceased but did not have any idea where they may reside so we decided to head out to city hall and see if there were any birth, death or arrest records on any of the deceased. The Engineers Guild might also have info on the ‘victims’ so we sent Stringer over there to make an inquiry while the rest of us went to City Hall. We finished up our meal and headed out.

Behind the desk at city hall was a young man named Carth. While we waited for a conscript to pull up the arrest records for us we talked with Carth about Father Dumas, Alexia and their relationship and learned about something called the Corvis Coven Witch Trial. About ten years ago Magistrate Ulfass Borloch brought to trial five suspected witches who were a part of the same coven. The leader of this coven was a woman named Lexaria Ciannor – Father Dumas’ sister in law and the mother of Alexia. The evidence was clear, the trial was swift and the entire coven was executed. Realizing this was a big clue, we requested the case file for the Witch Trial and when both sets of documents returned we dug into them.

The arrest, death and birth records was a dead end and only one of the bodies had been arrested for a minor crime a long time ago. No other records were kept for any of the other ‘victims’. The case file on the witch trial, on the other hand, was a gold mine. We quickly learned that each of the bodies snatched has been jurors for the trial. While there were ten total jurors and only seven missing bodies, we learned that the other three jurors had moved out of Corvis a long time ago. Additionally we learned that the witches were killed in a sacred location and all but Lexaria was buried at that location. Lexaria was buried at the Morrow Cathedral. With this information in hand we set out to investigate some of the grave sites. Seeing that the east boneyard and the Gadock farmstead were on the east side of town, we decided to head in that direction; stopping first at the Gadock farm and then at the East Boneyard.

The Gadock farm was just like the farms I grew up around in Snelling. It has a small house, a barn, chicken coups and a sizable plot of land on which they grew their crops. The family most likely subsisted on what they grew and made a very modest amount selling what was left over. As we made our way down the road we called out to the Gadocks and introduced ourselves. At first, the family was worried that were Inquisitors but we were able to quickly assure them that we were simply investigating the disappearance of a body from their family plot. We went inside for tea and learned that Hagger Gadock was the father of Burn Gadock who now ran the farm with his wife Hilda and their son. The confirmed that Hagger was one of the members of the Witch Trial jury but that is all they would really say. The son, however, said that on the night of the disappearance, the saw his grandfather walking out of the family plot and up to the North West. The parents were quick to dismiss this as simply tales from a child but I think they were worried about the stigma of necromancy taking place on their property. This was a key piece of evidence and it would now appear that the bodies are not being dug up but are in fact raising from their graves. We thanked the Gaddocks for their hospitality and after giving them the blessing of Morrow we continued east to the East Boneyard.

The East Boneyard was really, just that – barren plot of land where the bodies were so hastily buried that animals had feasted on the corpses of many of those interned here. It was truly sad to see such desecration of the dead all because the families could not afford a proper burial. This is something I shall have to take up with the church. As we spread out and search the filthy, pungent boneyard in search of the Hoppless and Burkette graves, we came across an old beggar who was mumbling something through rotten teeth. In mud covered, tattered rags, the may rocked back in forth in pool of filth. We Kah carefully approached the mad and called out to him but got no response. I quieted everyone and listened to what he was saying: “Girl in white….they just go up and walked away……walked out of the graves.” He repeated it over and over again. After giving the man some food and water, he calmed down and told us that he saw a raven haired girl in all white make her way through the grave yard. She stopped at the graves of Ham Hoppless and Sen Burkette and the bodies of those men dug themselves out of their resting places and walked off to the North West. When we described Alexia to him, he identified her as the Girl in White. It was pretty clear to us all that Alexia was raising the dead jurors from their graves in some sort of plan for revenge. With this information in hand, it was time to talk to Sgt. Arn to see if he would give us more information about the Trial and where the bodies were buried.

After a long walk back to Corvis, we tracked down Sgt. Arn at the Four Corners Market. We found him with relative ease and planned to have dinner with him when he was done with his shift. We sat at a café in the market and Sgt. Arn told us what he knew about the trial:
• The Magistrate brought charges against the women.
• The evidence was not revealed to anyone other than the jurors and those involved with the trial.
• They were convicted and sentenced to death in short order.
• Father Dumas consecrated the ground on which they were killed and interned.
Sgt. Arm said that Captain Julian Hestrom would like to have a word with us tomorrow morning, if possible. We agreed and set off to the Cathedral for supper and to talk to Father Dumas.

Before we all sat down, we agreed that we needed to inspect Alexia’s room if possible. Stringer agreed to excuse himself from dinner early so he could poke around in her room and look for further evidence.

Dinner was casual and pleasant. Stringer excused himself and we remained at the table and made small talk with Alexia and Father Dumas. In the course of the conversation we learned that Alexia like to go to the University Library to read up on books authored by a Professor Pendrake who specialized in the transformation of creatures into monsters via the use of magic. Based on the information we have, it appears she is putting her learnings to practice. When Stringer returned, we all adjourned from the dinner table and went our separate ways. I stopped Father and asked him if we could chat with him just a bit more. He confirmed for us the details we had gathered on the trial and also confirmed that his sister, Lexaria was buried in the large tomb outside the cathedral. He told us that the other witches were buried in a tomb out in the Widowers Woods. He marked the location on a map for us. We thanked him for his time and allowed him to return to his duties.

With all of this information in hand, we decided that our next course of action was to head out to the tomb to do some investigations, however, this would have to wait as tomorrow we meet with the Captain and then tomorrow night I have my reception for the guardsmen. In the meantime, perhaps we can trail Alexia a bit to see if we can learn more about that she is up to?

May Markus protect me,

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