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The ruin and devastation leveled upon this fair city by Alexia was great. Thousands of citizens were killed or wounded while thousands more have been left homeless due to fires that raced through the city. The burden of this destruction weighs heavily on my heart. We tried desperately to prepare the city, to slow down the advance of the army but it was all for naught. Did we do the right thing in holding our position at the tomb? Should we have abandoned our post and attempt to help those in the city? Should we have dropped our explosives down onto Alexia while she created her hoard in Fort Rhyker or would the protective magic she displayed tonight have protected her there as well? One cannot know yet these unanswered questions burn through my soul. The only thing that gives me comfort in these difficult times is knowing that Markus was with us and surely guided my decision to protect the people of Corvis to the best of our ability, regardless of how futile our efforts were. Surely, had we not warned the city, had we not blocked the sewers and had we not redistributed the watch and militia, the death toll would be much, much higher.

In the coming days, my skills and faith will be in great demand. Guards and citizens will need healing, through both mundane and magical means. I will work with Father Dumas and city leaders to spread the word that the Cathedral of Morrow is to become our staging area for treating the wounded. Guards and militia will be magically healed first so they can maintain order is this wounded city. All citizens with the knowledge of healing will be treated second, also with magic so they can become our medical staff for dealing with the wounded citizenry.

With any spare time I have, I shall take up Alchemist Corby on his offer to train me in the art of Alchemy. This skill, coupled with my divine power, I will be able to create potions of powerful magic to help both the city guard as well as my fellow adventurers.

May Markus Protect Me,


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Entry Eight

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