Lexaria Ciannor

Alexia's mother, leader of the Corvis Coven


Nine years ago, a witchcraft scandal rocked the city. Magistrate Ulfass Borloch, a then-junior councilman, exposed a coven of five witches he claimed were responsible for all manner of devilish activities in and around Corvis. The witches were apparently all normal womenfolk from the city and surrounding communities, but their crimes were indisputable. Whipped into a panic by the crusader Borloch, the townsfolk demanded action. The coven were put on trial, and within days the decision to execute them was made. The leader of the Coveners was revealed to be Lexaria Ciannor, none other than Father Pandor Dumas’ own sister-in-law.

Although the trial was held in the city courthouse and open to the public, the executions were performed on consecrated ground deep in Widower’s Wood, and only the city’s elite inner circle was allowed to attend far from the eyes of the public. After the witches were executed, the bodies were locked away in a crypt, and powerful enchantments sealed them away forever. Lexaria received even more special treatment. She lies in a special repository on church grounds, just at the entrance to the cathedral graveyard. Her granite tomb serves as a warning to all that Corvis will not tolerate the black arts.


Lexaria Ciannor

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