The Devourer Wurm

DevourerAlthough often referred to as a legendary monster rather than a god, the Devourer is the ancient foe of Menoth, bane of humanity’s creator. Also known as the Beast of Many Shapes, Lord of Predators, and the Unsleeping One, the Devourer is an ancient force of natural chaos which hates everything civilized. When Menoth was the dominant religion, the Devourer was considered the great foe, although its role as enemy of mankind has been reduced since the rise of the twins.

Despite its reputation the Devourer has always drawn worshipers among many races, particularly those living in the wilds or of chaotic alignment. Many human barbarians, gobbers, trollkin, and ogrun worship the Devourer, and claim this god is the most ancient power from the dawn of the world. Since the near extinction of the human barbarian tribes, there are no longer any large territories in the hands of Devourer worshipers. The largest pockets are found in the mountains of Khador, the Bloodstone Marches, and the Scharde Islands. Small cults to the Devourer can be found across the Iron Kingdoms, usually in remote locations or in secret tunnels beneath cities and towns. Human druids in the Iron Kingdoms believe their power derives from the Devourer, but do not actually worship this entity.

Domains for the Devourer’s Clerics

The Devourer is a chaotic-neutral deity and its clerics can be of any chaotic alignment and of any race. The domains available to its clerics are Animal, Chaos, Strength and Destruction.

Cleric Weapon of Choice for the Devourer Wurm: Axe

The Devourer Wurm

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