The Church of Morrow

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“The Prophet, Lord of Light, The Healing Teacher, Patient Brother”

Alignment: Neutral Good
Symbol: Sunburst of Morrow, the Radiance
Preferred Weapons: Dawn’s New Sun (heavy mace) and Dusk’s Last Light (longsword)
Cleric Weapon of choice: Heavy mace, can vary based on patron Ascendant
Cleric Alignment: any Good

The faith of Morrow is the dominant religion of most of humanity in western Immoren. Morrow is one of the Twins, brother and sister deities who ascended to godhood after exceptional mortal lives twenty-five centuries ago. Morrow exemplifies goodness, generosity, honor, healing, and virtue. His faith spread rapidly during the Orgoth occupation when his hopeful message had resonance among the oppressed masses.

Morrow teaches that every person can find eventual enlightenment by living a good life and attempting to improve himself. He has been joined by eleven saintly Ascendants, formerly mortal, who follow his path. Morrow is also served by the Host of Archons, a group of angelic spirits who embody his will. The holy text of the Church of Morrow is the Enkheiridion – a copy of the journals of both Twins during heir lives filled with instructions and enigmas regarding the path of ascension.

The center of the Church of Morrow is the Sancteum in Caspia, but many great cathedrals have been constructed throughout the region, and priests see to the spiritual needs of millions of diverse worshipers. The head of the clergy is a primarch chosen directly by Morrow in a manifestation of archons. He and the thirty-six exarchs who comprise the Exordeum preside over the priesthood from the Archcourt Cathedral in the Sancteum. Regional vicars preside over high prelates and prelates who govern the clergy of specific cities and towns. For example, the city of Corvis is supervised by Prelate Pandor Dumas from the Cathedral of Morrow. His superiors are the vicars in the distant city of Fharin who report to the Exordeum in Caspia.

The Church of Morrow

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