Locales of Corvis

Locales of Corvis

Corvis University: The city’s center for learning is located in a massive but evidently aged estate and is the home for many erudite individuals and their studies. Alexia is fond of studying here. While not a student, she is very interested in the writings of Professor Pendrake, who writes about monsters and how wild animals can be corrupted by magic.

Grand Cathedral of Morrow: This church of Morrow – the largest in the city – is overseen by Prelate Pandor Dumas and his three acolytes. Their efforts are barely enough to keep up with the building and grounds maintenance needs, but Father Dumas is a very respected and well-loved member of the community. At the entrance to the Catherdral Graveyard stands the very large tomb of Fanter Dumas’ sister, Lexaria. This crypt has been sealed since the day she was executed as part of the Crovis Coven Witch Trial, and serves as a reminder that the city of Corvis will not tolerate practitioners of the Black Arts.

The Black Stag Inn and Tavern: Named as a play on the name of Duke Ebonhart, the Black Stag is a favorite of the City Watch in the Merchant’s Quarter and the Quad.

Pitt’s Pistols: This is a quaint two-storied shop that handcrafts pistols and rifles for those who can afford to pay for quality. The proprietor Angmar Pitt has worked hard to earn the reputation as the premier gunsmith in Corvis, and his work demands top prices. Pitt is on good terms with the Corvis watch and is generally hired to supply their firearms. He is assisted by a skilled young gobber name Gortralokanomok (Gort).

Garworth’s: Tucked away in a misty corner of the merchant’s bourg, Garworth’s is known as one of the finer arcana emporiums in the city, catering to local wizards, alchemists, and arcane mechaniks. The owner Burrman Garworth has a talent for keeping high quality items in stock – fine glassware, fresh reagents, reams of fine paper, gears, accumulators, conduits, cabalic crucibles, and anything else an alchemist or arcanist may need.

Bodak’s Blades: Far from selling only blades, Bodak’s is a full-service armor and weapons emporium. The merchandise is good quality but unremarkable. The shop is known for selling quality gear at a fair price, and has become one of the most popular in the armorer’s bourg.

Kurgan’s Goods and Wares: A general store of sorts, Phineas Kurgan buys and sells almost anything and everything he can get his hands on. A good place to look for gear and oddities, the place is stacked ceiling high with rubbish and secondhand goods. Some of his supply is simply junk, but Kurgan does have many useful items in stock, including gear for those of a more adventurous nature.

The Falling Star: A dive bar in the Docks district. A grimy place, it’s patron are even grimier, if such a thing were possible. A favorite meeting place of Cpt. Helstrom’s when he’s looking to conduct non-Watch business. The owner is known as Dando “the Bull” for a number of reasons, not the least of which is a bull-like neck actually thicker than his head.

The East Boneyard: This tract of land can barely be considered a grave yard since half of the bodies buried here were done with such haste that animals and other scavengers have unearthed the bodies to feast on the rotting flesh. The place reeks of decay and filth. This bone yard is the location of two of the missing bodies: Ham Hopless and Sen Burkette. Both of these bodies were removed from their graves several weeks after the investigation began. Egger, a mad beggar the players found in the boneyard, witnessed a young woman dressed in a white dress enter the boneyard and pause over each grave before the two corpses crawled their way from their graves and walked off to the North West.

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Locales of Corvis

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