Kah's Notes

The farther I get from the temple, the closer I get to the silence I’ve always craved.

For every day spent diving into the lore of divinity, there were the nights of debate about the right and the wrong way to worship, to think. I tire of it. I am assured in Menoth, I need no more. The dictum of scripture is plain and clear, and though I might wish to remake the world anew in the image I desire, I cannot now, for we are a society of law governed by foolish men, who will only convert when they see the power and righteousness of the good man.

Such happened today, when, on my paltry escort of minor goods led by a group of unknown presumed heathens, we were set upon by gobbers with intentions to steal. In the name of Menoth I leapt into the fray, and my faith was rewarded with strength in battle. Luck seemed to be on my side.

There is a worshipper of Markus among them. He is talented. He did not fare as well in the battle, but I did not wish him ill. He served the same purpose, albeit through a despicable God. We have paired again, it would seem, in an attempt to stop the defiling of graves in the local vicinity. I stopped at the temple to seek information, to no end.

I suspect the daughter of the local minister, who serves the false God, but I do not have enough access to confirm or deny my suspicions… for now…

Also, note to self: Do not trust the Goblin in our party. He seems unhinged. The War Mage, however, seems quite adept in battle. Be wary to turn your back to him.

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Kah's Notes

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