Iosan Elves

Little is known of those withdrawn creatures of secluded Ios. It’s true they have dispatched ambassadors on occasion into the major kingdoms – Cygnar and Llael, mainly – but their emissaries reveal as little as possible about their homeland. It is understood that Iosans are extremely territorial, ruthless even with those who ignore their borders… I can only say that the elves I have observed are fair and beautiful people, but dispassionate, their almond-shaped eyes cold and filled with a kind of indistinct desolation, for lack of any better description.
- Gameo Ortmin, astrometrician and follower of Cyriss Race port elf

Nearly all the elves of western Immoren hail from Ios. They are a people doomed, or so it is believed. They live in a solitary kingdom, focused inwardly on their plight, which is intimately tied to the loss of their gods. Scyrah is the last of their once mighty pantheon, and like their glorious empire of Lyoss from millenia past, soon she too will be gone. Scyrah lies in her temple, attended by grim-faced priest who can do nothing but watch her dwindle, like a dying flame. Many elves believe that men are the sudden gust of wind that is causing Scyrah’s glow to flutter all the weaker. When she goes dark, many of them believe they will perish as well.

Almost all western elves who do not live within the borders of Ios are the banished, the disinherited, the exiled, and the lost. These are elves who are no longer members of any class, wandering beyond Iosan borders into the outlands. They are pariahs, and more often than not the result of a great wrong against a powerful member of a noble house, military sect, or religious Fane. These lone elves are anathema to the traditionalists within Ios, rarely accepted within any elven community, and looked upon – if they are looked upon at all – as lower than the lowliest commoner. Few of them are fortunate enough to find the path of commerce or adventure, but every so often a few manage to grow beyond their superstitions and prejudices to come by allies – even friends – in a world their people so very much fear and disdain.

Weapon Proficiencies: Iosan elves are proficient with longswords, shortswords, longbows, and shortbows.
Automatic Languages: Cygnaran (spoken), Shyr (elvish)*
Bonus Languages: Cygnaran (written), Llaelese

*Elves born outside Ios may have the language of their birth kingdom at the DM’s discretion. They might not automatically be literate in Shyr, depending on their education.

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Iosan Elves

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