Entry Twelve

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We had to enter the city and get to the bottom of what was going on but we knew entering via the seaport, with the Witchfire Blade in our presence would be suicide. It took a whole lot of bargaining but we were able to convince Squint to sneak us into the city under the cover of darkness so we could slip into the sewers that connect to the Catacombs under the city in the hopes that we can learn more about that is going on from Father Dumas.

Creeping through the sewers and then through the catacombs, we soon found ourselves back in the Cathedral to Morrow. The once bright and bustling church was now dark and still. As we made our way through the building we saw light and voices emanating from Father Dumas’ private quarters. Inside we found Captain Helstrom and several guardsmen speaking with a figure dressed all in black – an Inquisitor. We made ourselves known to our trusted friend, Helstrom but quickly found ourselves staring down the quarrels of several loaded crossbows from guards we did not see – we had walked straight into their trap! With a wicked smile, the Inquisitor dispensed with the pleasantries and ordered the men to kill us. Crossbow triggers clicked and a chorus of bowstrings sang their deadly song. Finally, I would get to meet Markus and thank him for his protection. Or so I thought. The guardsmen, in unison, turned at the last moment and fired their crossbows into the Inquisitor!

With the Inquisitor dead, Helstrom greeted us with a smile and apologized for the deception but he and his loyal men needed to protect their true loyalties to Corvis. As we had hoped, many of the guardsmen were not loyal to the Inquisition and were only going along with them as they had no choice. Helstrom showed us a symbol we could use to identify ourselves as being loyal to Helstrom should we meet any of his guards and need to determine where whose side they were on.
Additionally, he confirmed the earlier stories we had heard about Railthorne, or so everyone thought as no one has actually seen him, being back in Corvis and intended to reclaim his city. All of the council members, except for Olfus Borlock were assassinated. The Inquisition, once again led by Vohn Oberen, were confiscating all swords and gun and were scouring the city for the Witchfire blade. All clergy, magic users and anyone who seemed to be in opposition to Railthorne are being rounded up and taken to the city dungeon, including Father Dumas. Helstrom informed us that if we wished to rescue the Prelate we could do so via a secret entrance located in the sewers.

With a full scale hunt for the Witchfire blade underway, we knew we had to quickly hide the blade until we could figure out what to do with it. Thus, settled on the plan of hiding the blade deep within the catacombs under the cathedral while we figured rescued Dumas and figured out exactly what our next steps were. We bid Helstrom farewell and safe travels before returning to the catacombs under the Cathedral and hiding the Witchfire blade in one of the long forgotten cells we had discovered earlier while looking for Alexia.

At last we have settled down for the night to rest, as tomorrow was sure to be a long and difficult day. The burden lain upon us is great but so too is our resolve.

May Markus Protect us. All of us.

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