Entry Thirteen

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Once again, I am writing from the catacombs under the Cathedral to Morrow. Today was a day filled with some troubling revelations but also, with news to celebrate – Father Dumas is safe and with us.

This morning we awoke early and prepared to rescue Father Dumas. After creeping through the sewers for nearly an hour, we soon found ourselves at the bottom of a vertical shaft that ended in a grate about 15 feet above our heads. Carefully, we shimmied up the narrow chute and found ourselves in the lower levels of the dungeon. Quietly we made our way past the cells to the guards room and caught the three guards unaware. When pressed to identify themselves and members of Helstrom’s inner circle so we could identify them as being on our side or the side of the Inquisition, two of the men balked and we quickly ran them through. The other man, was aligned with Helstrom and helped us to identify who was being locked up in the dungeon and where they were. He was afraid of what would happen to him if we left him here so we wounded him to make it look as if he was attacked as well but was not killed as the other two turncoats were. We then set off to find and free Father Dumas as well as anyone else of importance who was being held. As it turns out there where three others being held in the dungeon: Merwyn Ghertin of the Ghertin crime family, the matriarch of the powerful Solar family – Lady Garia Solar and Lord Cedrick Corrent who is in charge of taxes. We hoped they would make powerful allies to our resistance, so we freed them and took them with us back to the catacombs. After a brief conversation with them about our planned resistance and the need for help, we all parted ways.

The catacombs would no longer be a safe place to hide once they learned of Dumas’ escape so we packed up all of our belongings and left the catacombs. Father Dumas had a friend with whom he could safely stay but we had nowhere to go. In the end, we decided that we should pay a visit to Draegen, as much as it displeased me to do so, for he could surely help us to secure a safe place from which to plan our next moves. With everything packed, we escorted the Prelate to his friend’s house before heading down to the Fallen Star to meet with ‘The Black Bastard’.

We found Draegen in his usual booth at The Falling Star. I ordered a round of drinks for us all and we asked Draegen what he knew about the taking of Corvis, and if he could help us find shelter. Draegen did not have any new information about the Inquisition other than to provide us with the perspective of the various gangs in the area and their displeasure with the loss in business. Playing off their greed, we sought Draegen’s help in banding the gangs together under the joint cause of retaking Corvis. For his help, we said we would work with Helstrom to grant pardons for past crimes. This interested Draegen very much and he promised to get working on a truce immediately. As for the safe house, he said that we should speak to a Gryphon captain named Selar. She could be found in an under city bar named The Black Eye. Buy her a drink of Mehir and she will have an audience with us and should be able to help us find a safe house, for a price, of course. We thanked Draegen and he left the bar.

As we sat finishing our drinks (the fine Dwarven spirits I have specially stocked here) a dark robed figure strode into the bar and made for our table and sat down. Instantly we recognized Alexia. The girl, whom we figured survived the fall from the temple platform, nearly crackled with raw power. She informed us that she knew we had the blade, knew where it was and wanted us to give it to her or she would take it by force. When we called what we thought was her bluff, she pointed to exactly where the blade was and said that she would rather not kill us but she would if she had to. She stated that she needed the blade to kill Vohn Oberen and that her only motivation was vengeance for the slaying of her mother. The Witchfire blade had the power to absorb the raw magical force of anyone slain with the blade and then transfer that power to its wielder. This revelation shed some light on the purpose behind the Inquisitions and why only sorcerers where rounded up – Vohn Oberen was becoming more and more powerful with each execution. One thing he did not do, though, was attune himself with the blade, which would have made him even more powerful. Why he did not do this, one will never know but Alexia believed it was because he was afraid of the powerful evil within the blade. Alexia, has attuned herself with the blade, which is why she and only she can use it to put an end to Oberen once and for all. While all of this was troubling, to say the least, we really did not have a choice in the matter. We promised Alexia the blade when the time came and that we would readily help her to destroy Oberen. Before leaving, she told us to speak with Father Dumas about something called the Legion of Lost Souls as she believed it was the only way to save the city.

With the day winding down and with no place to stay, we headed back to the Dumas’ safe house to spend the night and ask the Father some additional questions….. And to tell him that his niece is still alive.

‘The Legion of Lost Souls’ was a legendary legion of mercenaries that gave their lives for the protection of Corvis 300 years ago during a large war. Arcons of Morrow provided them with a glorious burial in a magical tomb located high up in the Dragon Spine Mountains to the west. Legend has it that this legion has vowed to rise up and once again defend Corvis should the need arise. The tomb, though, was sealed with powerful magic. Dumas believes that another Corvis legend, Colossa, could be the only way to open the tomb and lead the Legion to once again save Corvis.
Colossa is a giant who, like the Legion of Lost Souls, pledged his life to Corvis. Much of Corvis was built with his hands and hammer. Long ago, he was killed in a battle with a large river serpent and he was laid to rest, along with his hammer, in a hallowed tomb that housed many of Morrow’s most devout and brave paladins. Some years later, this eternal resting place for Morrow’s heroes sunk deep into the swamp and disappeared for ever, much like many of Corvis’ buildings have done over the years. Every attempt to build atop this site has failed and since then, this area has been considered off limits. Dumas believes that Colossa’s is the only artifact that can open the Tomb of the Lost Souls.

The night is late and we have much to do tomorrow.

May Markus Protect Us,

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