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Late Evening – Cathedral of Morrow

Please forgive my penmanship as I can hardly control the shaking in my hands. Writing in my journal was not something I expected to do at this late hour but I feel it is the only thing that will calm me after what has transpired.
The attack on the city by Alexia’s army occurred as expected. With the help of Captain Helstrom and the Commander of the City Guard, the guards mobilized to protect the city from the north as that was the most likely point of attack. We did what we could to block off the sewers under the city as they allowed for easy ingress into Corvis by way of the river black. My adventuring companions and a group of 50 guards held the island upon which the Cathedral sat as we knew Alexia’s main goal was to break into the tomb which held her mother’s remains. It was not long before the screams of Corvinians could be heard through the streets. The army had breached the city and were attacking it’s citizens. Despite the desire to leave our post to help them, we held fast. Our grim determination was rewarded when skeletons began to march on shore from the river. Our band of soldiers fought valiantly against them but it was not long before we were surrounded and outnumbered badly. The skeletons stopped short of attacking us as Alexia and the coven appeared before us. The coven chanted briefly before the door to the tomb shattered and out floated the remains of Lexaria. Alexia herself retrieved a sword from the tomb, a greatsword of black metal etched with unknown runes, and radiating an aura of unmistakable evil. Her scream of triumph as she raised the sword was filled with madness! Suddenly a thunderous flash of blue light shattered the night air. Behind Alexia stood a man draped in black robes, who stabbed the girl in the back! The attack caused the sword to go scattering across the ground, towards our feet. The stranger was swarmed by dozens of skeletons, but he cast a spell, blasting them to dust. As I picked up the sword, he commanded me to return it to him for it was his by right. Alexia also asked for the sword and told us she would end the siege on the city if I were to give it to her, even as her white dress stained red with her blood.
In my gut, I felt like Alexia was the lesser of the two evils and somehow, this new figure was playing her in an effort to get the sword. I gave the sword to Alexia, if for nothing else, I could save as many of the people of Corvis as possible. With the sword in hand, she did as she promised and the skeletons collapsed. Alexia, with the sword, and the coven, who were carrying the remains of Lexaria, flew off into the night. The robed figure let out a cry of rage and anger before vanishing in another thunderous flash of blue light. Where he once stood, we found an amulet carved with the symbol of the inquisition.
The rest of the night we spent tending to those that were injured in the attacks. It is now very close to dawn and yet I find that I cannot sleep. Too much has happened. Too many questions remain to be answered. Why is Alexia’s end game? Who was that other figure? Who is the puppet master pulling Alexia’s strings?

May Markus Protect Me,

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Entry Seven

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