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After a nice relaxing afternoon in the sun, the sun set and the door to the temple opened. We made our way in and found obvious signs of a battle throughout the temple. In the first room we came to, we saw temple members laying to rest their fallen clergy while other, unknown bodies, were scattered across the room. In a moment of inspiration, we quickly decided that the enemy of our enemy if our friend and we peacefully entered the room with weapons sheathed. Diplomacy won the day and we were able to learn that two groups, Alexia’s group and another unknown group, entered the temple at different times and have been fighting their way upwards through the temple. We assured the clerics that we were here to stop Alexia and we meant no harm to the clergy of the temple and they accepted our help of ending the threat to their temple. The head cleric guided us through the entire temple up to the highest levels of the temple where the machinery that would allow her to resurrect her mother existed. After a long trek, we found ourselves at the top of a deep shaft that crackled with electricity. In the center, was a small circular platform, in the center of which, was a large dais that contained a depression in the shape of a human body. In the center of the dais was the Witchfire blade while around the dais was Alexia and the reanimated coven, all of which were in the middle of a ritual of some sort while a group of animated dead protected them from Cyrix clergy whom attacked from a walk way connecting the middle platform to the outer walkway. With haste, we sprang into action! Thinking to knock as many down the bottomless shaft as possible, Stringer tied one end of a large rope to myself while Kah tied the other end to himself. We both ran off around the circular walk way that ringed the deep shaft in opposite directions with the hope of using the rope to sweep several of our enemy off the central platform and down into the pit. For the most part, the plan worked as more than half of the undead were swept off the platform and plummeted into the depths below. While I made my way to the platform, more undead approached from the passage way from where we can and flanked Stringer and our priest friend which caused Kah to reverse course and come to their aid. While I healed one of the fallen clerics Alexia used a powerful ring of spell storing to conjure up a powerful wall of force that cut us off from the entire platform. The lone cleric of Cyrix was cut off from reinforcements, badly wounded and alone on that platform. In a last act of desperation, her cast a Turn Undead spell and sent many of the undead fleeing. Unfortunately for Alexia, the only path for them to take was through her and she was knocked down of the platform and plummeted down to hear apparent death, or so we thought. We quickly realized that any mage worth her salt would also have a spell of Feather Fall stored in that ring so it was unlikely that the fall killed her. The arcing electricity, however, would certainly do the trick had we not realized that Alexia appeared to be protected from electricity by a salve of some sort. While the battle was over, our war with Alexia was certainly not. After gathering the wounded, we used a leather wrap to collect the Witchfire Blade and return once again to Corvis.

On our way back to the river boat, we stopped by the Lizardmen village once again and provided them with the weapons taken off of the fallen and a ‘thank you’ for their protection while we trespassed in their territory. We impressed upon the village elder that they were never to attack the boat we were on if it were to ever come into the area again and that it should always be considered friendly. Hopefully, we can use this treaty to curry some favor with our captain as he would be the only boat out of Corvis to be able to travel these waters unmolested.

One back on the boat, our trip home was uneventful until we were only a couple miles outside of the city. We observed a steady stream of river boats steaming up river, out of Corvis. After hailing one of them, we learned to our horror that Ventnor Railthorne and his inquisition had returned to Corvis in force and had taken control of the city. All of the council members were killed in their sleep, save for [name] who was coincidently only wounded in an attempted assassination. Inquisitors and guardsmen were confiscating all swords and guns on sight and anyone who protested or appeared to be working against Railthorne in any way was killed or carted off – never to be seen again.

May Markus Protect Us


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