Rhulfolk are intelligent, industrious, and skilled at the civilized arts, particularly contruction, stonework, metalwork, and mechanika. They are no strangers to the arcane, claiming to have mastered magic long before humanity learned it’s secrets, yet use it sparingly and carefully by way of rules and tradition. The Rhulic credo forbids them from soving problems with magic when they can be solved with ingenuity and hard work.Race port dwarf

The Rhulfolk – so named after their long standing kingdom – settled the northern mountains of western Immoren and assembled into a single nation long before mankind had risen from tribal barbarity. They are fittingly chronicled as the first civilization of the west, comprising the longest unbroken culture of all the races. Indeed, when the elves first appeared as the refugees of a shattered empire, the dwarves were already a fixture in the mountains and valleys of Rhul.
Dwarven culture defies an easy explanation. Clan rivalry is a way of life. They apparently enjoy fighting grim duels over minor insults, and bloody feuds have been known to last for generations. Dwarven clans battle openly to resolve their disputes, laying siege to their rivals over such things as the right to build on a plot of land. Yet this bloodshed is meted out alongside strict codes of law passed down through the ages and they carry out these campaigns with a sense of honor and propriety which seems alien to the human practice of war. Feuding clans have been known to instantly put aside their differences at the first sign of an outside threat, and most dwarves who have been reared outside of Rhul would drop everything in a trice to defend their homeland.

Oathbound: Dwarves of Lawful alignment (the vast majority) take their oaths seriously. A formal oath taken by a dwarf is treated as a geas spell, with all the standard repercussions. Dwarves of non-Lawful alignment do not have this restriction, though they may pretend to.
Automatic Languages: Cygnaran, Rhulic*
Bonus Languages: Cygnaran (written), Dol-Rhul, Khadoran, Llaelese
*Dwarves born outside of Rhul may have the language of their birth kingdom. They might not automatically be literate in Rhul, depending on their education.



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