Currency and Trade

Each kingdom mints its own coinage as a right of sovereignty. However, Cygnar’s position as unquestionably the most economically dominant kingdom has made Cygnaran the standard trade tongue. Most worldly individuals in western Immoren speak Cygnaran fluently, and most people in major ports and trade centers can understand enough words an phrases to get by, albeit with thick accents and poor grammar. In the same way, Cygnaran currency is at present the easiest coin to trade at proper values across national lines. Rhul is known to have the most exacting standards for consistent weight and purity of their coins, so its currency is also widely accepted, if less common. There are, of course, various conversion and exchange rates for currency in every nation.

Cygnaran Coinage

Farthing 1 copper
Halfshield 5 copper
Shield 1 silver
Halfcrown 5 silver
Crown 1 gold
Swan 2 gold
Tower 1 platinum

Protectorate of Menoth currency has no value outside its borders, except as a curiosity, as it is crafted from specially hardened and fired clay. In fact, the Heirarch has decreed that it is against Menoth’s will for citizens to possess precious metals or gems without appropriate religious sanctions.

Currency and Trade

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