You can play any class from the Player’s Handbook, as well as any of the classes listed below. The Gunslinger from the PRD is replaced with the Gun Mage, as are the firearms rules.

There are four exclusive classes in the Iron Kingdoms. They are:

Arcane Mechanik: Gifted individuals who are both spellwielders and mechaniks.
Bodger: With a couple of choice words and a few whacks with a wrench, the bodger can get even the most stubborn piece of mechanika up and running.
Fell Caller: these mighty trollkin chanters enter battle using their powerful vocalizations to devastating effect.
Gun Mage: A potent spellcaster in her own right, the gun mage is capable of channeling magic through her pistol.

There are several non-exclusive classes available as well:
Barbarian: Known as “berserkers,” these primitive warriors channel their rage in battle for devastating results.
Bard: Most bards in the Iron Kingdoms join the military as “war-bards” to legitimize their abilities.
Druid: Mysterious figures who are feared by most civilized folk. They represent all that is dangerous about the wilderness and many believe they kidnap children to gain recruits.
Monk: Rare members of one of two sects; The Order of Keeping of the Church of Morrow, or the Fists of Menoth.
Sorcerer: Due to heavy religious persecution, primarily by the Temple of Menoth, sorcery is still viewed with suspicion. Such innate talent with magic is seen as unnatural.


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