Calendar and Dates

The Morrowan calendar marks seven days to each week, 28 days to each month (of four weeks), 13 months to each year, and thus 364 days altogether comprising one full year with four seasons at 13 weeks apiece. Although it is still not wholly accurate, requiring an inter-calculated day every three years at Winter Solstice (Longest Night), it is far more accurate than the previous Caspian dating system.

Composing Dates: The accepted formal arrangement of calendar dates and how they are properly composed begins by stating the name of the week, followed by the day, then month and year. This formal reckoning begins numbering the days of each week within any given month from one to seven and starts again with one for the ensuing week. For example, the 11th day of the month Ashtoven is written or spoken as “Malleus 4th, Ashtoven 602 AR” rather than “Ashtoven 11th.” However, in the past generation or two, informal writings and day-to-day discourse have leaned toward the latter, informal version. Because of this, both methods are acceptable, although the majority of printed matter still applies dates in the formal style.


Month # Month Holiday Equatorial Season
1 Glaceus
2 Casteus Day of Accord/Sulonsphar
3 Trineus Day of Markus
4 Tempen Tempenfest Vernal Equinox (Vendarl 7)
5 Cinten Blight’s Eve; Shroudfall
6 Rowen Summerfaire Season (through Octesh)
7 Solesh Summer Solstice
8 Octesh
9 Katesh Tenfest
10 Goloven Autumnal Equinox (Donard 7)
11 Doloven Dark Ascension
12 Khadoven Ascension Mass
13 Ashtoven Winterfest; Giving Day (Day of Scrifice); Longest Night* Winter Soltice (Gorim 7)

Morrowan and Menite Calendar Weeks

Week # Morrowan Menite
1 Vendarl Oxeall
2 Malleus Luctine
3 Donard Donard
4 Gorim Vilmon


Calendar and Dates

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