Myths & Gears

The Witch's Tomb

The next morning, the party heads to the Watch stables to collect the horses Helstrom promised them, and head north and west out of the city and into the Widower’s Wood…and the dangers of the swamp. With only the directions of Father Dumas to guide them, it took several hours of thankfully uneventful travel to find the low hill, barren except for the low stone wall and circular paved courtyard guarding the entrance to what could only be the resting place of Corvis’ infamous Coven. The heavy iron-bound wooden door that had sealed the crypt, however, had been violently blasted from its hinges, the pieces littering the unlit corridor that led deep under the hill.

Lighting torches and cautiously entering the crypt, the companions learned that the place had once been some sort of base for the ancient Orgoth Empire, but now seemed to be home to a tribe of bogrin, only one of which seemed to be in the caves today. Stringer was able to gain his trust, and learned that indeed, a young woman had recently entered the tomb, and had left with some “grey ladies,” but that she had left her “monsters” behind. Convincing him to show them the way, the group finds the main chamber and four empty sarcophagi. True to the little gobber’s tale, in place of the Coveners were several thralls, apparently left on guard duty. Not Alexia’s most dangerous creations, they were dispatched fairly easily, and the rest of the caves revealed little in the way of further evidence.

As the day had worn on, and travel through the swamp could be dangerous at night, the companions made camp outside the courtyard, which although consecrated ground, still held the aura of death from the executions so long ago.



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