Myths & Gears

The Catacombs

The following morning, the party fulfilled a request to meet a Captain Helstrom of the City Watch. The Captain wished to assess these newcomers, and encourage them to continue their investigation as he had been unable to elicit any support from the Watch Commander. He offered what aid he could, in the form of mounts and mundane supplies.

The meeting with Helstrom and Fynn’s planned dinner for the Watchmen this evening delayed the journey to investigate the Witch’s Tomb in the Widower’s Wood, so the decision was made to look into Alexia’s activities at the University. Unfortunately, this was rather fruitless, as Alexia is not a student, and therefore is unable to remove books from the library, nor are records kept of what she may have been reading. The team did learn that her mother and the rest of the Coven had been students in years past, but no obvious connections were to be made from their records.

Fynn and Durin went to the Black Stag Inn to prepare for the night’s event, while Kah and Stringer shadowed the girl. Late in the evening, they observed her approach the southern bridge to the island, pause while studying an area of flagstones, then return to the Cathedral. Checking the area, Stringer discovered a loose flagstone concealing a trapdoor. Stringer hid to keep an eye on the secret entrance, while Kah went to the inn to tell the others what they’d found.

As soon as they were able to wrap up the dinner service, the three returned to the church, grabbed their gear, and joined Stringer to see where this door led, apparently an old section of sewer. Following some recent tracks through the tunnels, the group discovered not only a forgotten section of catacombs beneath the church grounds, but two armed and armored skeletons as well!

After defeating the two undead warriors, the team learned they had found their way into what was apparently Alexia’s main lab. Several scrolls, dozens of experimental notes, sections of pages torn out of books, even the beginning of a letter to Prelate Dumas were found, all damning evidence of Alexia’s obvious aptitude for necromancy, and her plan to restore her dead mother to life.

Moving further into the underground complex they encountered several more of Alexia’s undead thralls, from her early failed experiments, to more advanced thralls, imbued with a small level of intelligence and ability to improvise. By far, though, were the first two they had defeated in her personal chamber. Having purged the catacombs of undead, the group returned to the Cathedral to clean up and get some rest, before they depart the city to find the Witch’s Tomb.



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