Myths & Gears


A New Year: 603 AR

A few days after the events of Longest Night;

The end of 602 AR was not as festive as most would have liked. The triennial Longest Night celebration was interrupted when Alexia’s undead army invaded Corvis. For weeks afterward, the city will still be recovering from the attack; fires smolder for days, shops and homes must be rebuilt, a few remaining swamp shamblers must be hunted and destroyed, hundreds of criminals and looters remain to be caught and convicted. Consequently the Watch is spread thin, while the city council and the mayor have released funds for the organizing and payment of work gangs to accomplish these tasks. Our heroes have been doing their part to help with various areas of the city, the Church of Morrow being one of the hardest hit, as it was the focus of Alexia’s goal of retrieving the body of her mother, and the sword, the Witchfire, contained within the tomb.
The entire city is buzzing with stories of that night, but no one seems to have a particularly good idea of what really happened.



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