Myths & Gears

A Talk With Father Dumas

Late Ashtoven, 602 AR

Having seen to their wounds and other immediate needs, Father Dumas broached the question of the job Gunner Wadock hinted at. It seems that there have been a number of grave robberies recently in and around the city, and Dumas would like to hire someone to get to the bottom of the matter. For this work he can offer no money, but the party is welcome to room and board in the church so long as they are investigating. Father Dumas will also assist with his clerical abilities in any way he can, short of accompanying them. Dumas has given each of the party a small silver sunburst, a replica of the holy symbol of Morrow, to identify them as his wards in this matter.Ikcg symbol of morrow.img assist custom 170x180

During the course of the conversation, the group learned some details of the case: seven bodies have been stolen over the last month, the most recent was a mere three days ago. Four of the bodies were taken from city boneyards, three were stolen from family plots outside the city. None of the bodies have been recovered. Dumas hasn’t been to any of the sites, and has not been able to get the City Watch to investigate. He’s been told that with the preparations for the rowdy crowds the Longest Night Festival always brings, they insist they don’t have the manpower to protect the living, much less look after the bodies of the dead.

During the conversation, the a couple members of the team spot a young woman peering at them from the upstairs rectory, who Father Dumas identifies as his niece, Alexia, whom he took in and raised after her mother, his dead wife’s sister, died. Beyond that, he begged off, claiming “it’s a long and sordid story involving a local tragedy of a decade ago. Perhaps some other time.”

Having agreed to look into the grave robberies for the Prelate, the group decides to investigate to city and take care of individual business on their own.



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