Myths & Gears

A Routine Caravan Trip

The squad gets their first job, guard detail for a large caravan from Fellig to Corvis, City of Ghosts, and pays 25gp to each squad member. They are to report to Gunner Wadock, the leader of the caravan.

They meet the caravan, comprised of 5 wagons, with crates inside and chests strapped to the sides with rope, and 4 pack horses that are tied to the wagons and are carrying the caravan’s supplies and gear. The last 4 wagons are being driven by teamsters. On the first wagon is Gunner Wadock and his driver, Vigo. He informs the squad that this journey will take two weeks and will be going through some dangerous areas.

The journey is uneventful until the caravan is just a few hours from Corvis. Crossing the last area of the Widower’s Wood, they find themselves enveloped by an unnatural amount of thick fog. No sooner does Gunner call for them to keep a sharp eye out than the caravan is attacked. A spear trap kills one of the lead horses, effectively blocking the entire wagon train. Darts fly out from the fog and trees, killing one of the drivers. The remaining 3 teamsters run away in fear into the woods, Gunner yelling curses at them for their cowardice. Stringer Toegetter recognizes the voices of the attackers as being gobbers. The goblins swarm the caravan attempting to cut the chests from the sides of the wagons, or steal the packhorses. The squad, Vigo, and Gunner Wadock fight off the gobbers, killing most of them. The fog began to dissipate quickly once the attack was over.

After the area is made safe again the squad helps to re-secure the chests to the wagons, while Vigo replaces the dead lead horse with one of the pack horses. Stringer searched the area, knowing that the gobbers must have been using a bellows to create the fog.

The caravan made it to the city without further incidents. Gunner Wadock said they would be heading to the Cathedral of Morrow to deliver some of the supplies to his friend, Prelate Pandor Dumas, who could also see to their injuries. Gunner intimated that the Prelate might have something more interesting than guard work for their particular talents.

The Prelate was able to heal the party, and after unloading a pair of chests, Gunner thanked the crew for their stout defense of the wagons, and paid each a sum of 35 gold crowns for services rendered. “I know Pandor here will wish to ask you about a matter that’s been troubling him, but if you ever find yourselves sinking to lowly guard duty for coin, be sure to ask for me at the Guild Hall. I’ll put in a good word for you all.” With that farewell and a wave, Gunner Wadock and Vigo take two of the wagons, leaving two to be retrieved by other drivers shortly.



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